GoNaeco is a Grassroots Community Network

GoNaeco brings freedom to communities by providing free wireless internet access to all residents in your community. Connecting is as easy as the click of a mouse and can happen anywhere in a community. Want to go online in your local park or coffee shop? You can! Your whole community is wireless.

But what good would community-wide wireless internet be without information? Our community-specific portals link you to events, news and businesses in your neighbourhood. No matter where you are, you’re connected to your community.

Aside from freedom and information, GoNaeco is all about choice. Our basic community wireless access is always completely free. For those internet junkies and on-the-go businesspeople who may need more, we’ll give you more – and at substantially lower prices then the competitors, too.

*Houses using multiple computers and those with poor wireless signals may require the use of a GoGetter Signal Booster. The GoGetter acts as a replacement for your modem and ensures a quality, reliable wireless connection to all of your computers.

Contact us today to discover how easy it is to free your community.


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