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Advertising on GoNaeco’s community portal sites means you get incredible exposure that’s hard to find anywhere else in a community. Have you been trying to make your community more aware of your presence? Have you been having trouble trying to target them on a budget, especially in these times? What kind of luck have you had reaching them directly every month, besides recycle bin mail outs? Well, have a look at what GoNaeco provides. It all starts with GoNaeco’s free wireless internet access to entire communities. Residents and visitors logging in using the free internet service arrive on the community’s portal site first. This means that every time someone in the community network uses our free internet service, they will see your ad. Oh, did we mention that everyone using the free portal or the upgraded services would also see your ad on the login page? That’s twice within a matter of seconds. You can’t ask for a more targeted community presence.

Increased community presence

Once a month GoNaeco will send out a newsletter to every resident of the community network who’s registered with GoNaeco. That’s one valuable, direct email touch a month, right to your target audience. Included in the newsletter is advertising space for our advertisers. In this space, you can promote special discounts and one-time offers to those specific community network residents. How’s that for a deal?

Event Participation

Would you like to get even closer to the community? GoNaeco also holds events in every community we go into. These events are put on by GoNaeco or are held in combination with the community associations four times a year, per community. Advertisers can have a banner stand, poster or flyers at each event. To have a presence at the events with GoNaeco in a community, please contact use for more details. There is limited space and availability, so book soon!

Call or email today for more information and pricing on ad space and event presence.

Ad space and sizes available:

Banner Placement Size (width x height) Top of page: 730 pixels x 90 pixels
Right side of page: 160 pixels x 600 pixels
Left side of page: 120 pixels x 600 pixels
Mid-bottom of page, two spots: 240 pixels x 200 pixels
Community Business Listings: Company logo + contact info/ business card

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