What is a mesh network?

GoNaeco employs wireless mesh networks in the communities it serves. A mesh network is an intelligent, distributed wireless infrastructure of radio units arranged in a “meshing” pattern. These radios automatically establish a wireless backbone between each other while broadcasting a signal.

Each mesh radio determines the best paths to take across the network and sets the quality of service and fast mobile roaming parameters. They also each handle real-time transmission of info back to the wired access point, congestion avoidance and optimal channel re-use. In addition, each mesh radio monitors the health of its own area. Neighbouring mesh radios in the network are aware of the best path for receiving and transmitting data. If the path is blocked, the mesh network continues the self-healing process by automatically finding the quickest and safest alternate path.

What are the advantages of a mesh network?

  • The technology is green. Because only one radio needs to be “wired,” there is reduced electrical consumption. One node consumes less energy than a household lightbulb. There is also no new carbon footprint created.
  • There is no need for digging and burying cables.
  • Radios are “self-configuring,” meaning new radios integrate seamlessly, without the need for a technician or network administrator.
  • Mesh networks are less expensive to set up than traditional networks.
  • The network strength grows as more radios are added, meaning faster and clearer connections.

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