Free Wireless Internet

GoNaeco provides free wireless internet within communities, giving you freedom of choice. You can go online anywhere in your community. You’re free to think beyond your home – think parks, libraries, coffee shops, community centres – anywhere. Sign up today for your free community internet.

Upgraded High Speed

Being chained to a service plan is kind of the opposite of freedom. With GoNaeco, you’re free to upgrade your internet connection if you need more speed. Our prices are better too, with nothing hidden. Want blazing fast high speed? Sign up now.


How Does it Work?

Developed by GoNaeco’s parent company, Brella Wireless, community-wide wireless internet is truly remarkable. Wireless devices are attached to lamp poles throughout a community. Their signal range overlaps, allowing you to connect wherever you are in your neighbourhood. Access is completely secure.

To achieve this, GoNaeco utilizes state of the art mesh network technology to ensure you get the most stable, secure voice and internet experience possible.*

Curious about how we free communities? Contact us.


* Households using more than one computer may choose to purchase a low-cost GoGetter signal booster.

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