Video Surveillance

With video surveillance your homes and businesses are protected too. With GoNaeco’s wireless community-based network, you’re free to monitor and protect yourselves with secure, internet-based video surveillance.

Benefits of GoNaeco wireless video surveillance

It's quick and painless. Protecting your home or business with wireless video surveillance means you don't have to worry about spending money on things like fibre and cable. This of course means your property won't be disrupted by digging. With GoNaeco wireless video surveillance, connecting is quicker and easier than traditional methods.

Your video system isn't locked in. Because there aren't any cables or wired systems to install, moving your video equipment is possible at any time. This means that you're free to adjust your setup in whatever way suits you best.

Connection failure is a thing of the past. GoNaeco's wireless access operates on a wireless mesh network. A mesh network is an infrastructure of radio units arranged in a “meshing” pattern. These radios automatically establish a wireless backbone between each other while broadcasting a signal. Because the radios are distributed in a non-linear pattern, the mesh network automatically finds the quickest and safest alternate path. This means your connection will always be strong.

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